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Middle School

Our Montessori style Middle School encourages students to engage deeply by working on difficult, real-world quests where students learn to calculate, write, and think more deeply. Students are encouraged to have fun while developing a positive self-identity and, most importantly, find a calling by exploring their gifts and passions through apprenticeships, so they can change the world.

Our Middle School students take control of their learning


Engage Deeply

Work on difficult real-world Quests. Learn to calculate, write and think more deeply.


Have Fun

Students develop a positive self-identity surrounded by friends who will support them.


Find a Calling

Learners explore their gifts and passions through apprenticeships which provide opportunity to develop real world skills.

Begin Your Family's Journey  Today

Learn more about our philosophy, model, beliefs, location, tuition, financial assistance and how to apply with our free info kit.

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