Launchpad High School

In the 2020-2021 school year we launched our high school platform called, “Launchpad” for 9th-12th grade. As parents and educators, it is our focus to equip learners with the right tools and skills to prepare them for the ever changing world by nurturing their critical thinking skills, leadership skills, and effective verbal and written communication skills so that they may become lifelong learners and global citizens.

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Redefining Education

Acton changes the way you think about learning. We view learning as an ongoing and dynamic process rather than striving for learning that is purely results based. Our model of disruptive education acknowledges where a learner is at a set point of time, rather than assigning learners a ranking. Our program creates immersive experiences and diversifies learner’s knowledge beyond what traditional education can teach them.

Placing Power in the Hands of the Learner

Learners are more involved in what they choose to learn, their pace of learning, and how they demonstrate their learning in real-world performances. Our curriculum in conjunction with our transcript program is designed to prepare learners for evidence based comprehension in their ability to explain their way of thinking and how they can apply these skills. In every individual, we strive to foster the mentality of continuous learning and imbue a growth mindset.

What sets Launchpad High School apart from traditional schooling?

  • We place importance on the development of each individual in forging strong character traits through socratic discussions that stress the importance of integrity, virtue, perseverance, intentionality, honesty, and accountability. Guides provide learners opportunities to practice and incorporate these core values in their daily lives.
  • At Acton, learning is self-paced and accomplishing goals is self-governed. By giving agency to our Eagles, they develop more independence in making smart decisions about their education.
  • Apprenticeships encourage Eagles to explore their passions and discover their calling through the Hero’s Journey.
  • Our Eagles work towards achieving mastery of CORE skills as well as Quests assignments that expose learners to Rocket Science, Coding, Robotics, Digital Design, Psychology and so much more!
  • We offer a small studio size that allows for our Heroes to form close bonds with their peers through collaborative work and community building practices.
  • Eagles can earn college credit as well as complete AP and Honors courses to prepare them for college level courses.
  • Launchpad Eagles contribute to building upon their individualized digital transcript which highlights their talents and capabilities. Through offering mastery and competency based education, they will gain valuable skills to demonstrate how they have mastered various subjects.

A Day in the Life

Core Skills

Develop mastery of Math, Reading, Writing, Science, Typing and Languages with computer integrated academic programs that are tailored to each learner’s needs.


Experience hands on learning projects that are based on finding solutions to solve real world problems.


Connect with professionals in a field of interest to explore paths that will cultivate their strengths and lead Heroes to their calling.

We have Guides, not teachers.

We have Studios, not classrooms.

We have Portfolios and Exhibitions, not grades.

We have Contracts and Covenants.

Our Eagles find their own Apprenticeships.

We inspire thought provoking Socratic discussions and do not lecture.

We build our curriculum around the Hero’s Journey.

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