Summer Program 2022

Are you looking for a program that is engaging, educational, and exciting for your child this summer? Acton is offering weekly summer camps starting on July 18th! Our summer sessions will be an introduction to the Acton experience, and we will introduce your child to many Acton systems and processes that have roots in the Montessori system. Our campers will spend some time during the day doing CORE (math, reading, typing, spelling, etc.). Of these skills, they will nurture their independence, confidence and responsibility. This part of the day will keep your child’s skills sharp throughout the summer and ready to take on the school year. They will learn to do for themselves and find joy in learning. In the afternoon, we will participate in several hands-on camp activities! Join us this summer and be prepared to see something extraordinary! The summer program is open to all students.

Week One: July 18-July 22

Animal Planet (Grades K-4)

Saddle up for excitement! Get ready for a walk on the wild side with creepy crawlies, unique mammals, feathered friends, and more. Perfect for curious kids, animal lovers, and future veterinarians alike. Animal Planet brings your elementary learners an introduction to amazing facts about animals, awesome crafts, and tons of fun! Campers will discover incredible facts and fascinating stories about their favorite animals and some they have never heard of.

Creative Writing Camp (Grades 5-8)

Tune-up and sharpen your writing skills this summer! This week, your campers will receive a workshop filled with creative fun as it flexes their writing muscles. Campers will write a dramatic play in collaboration with their friends. They will have to come up with a plot, characters, and dialogues. The play will be complete with a conflict, a climax, and a resolution. This week will be an intense activity week focused on collaborative development of a play script. Campers in collaboration with each other will think of a viable scenario with an action filled plot. Each will have a role in the play with dialogues and a part of the action. They will be able to not only develop some collaborative writing skills but also an understanding of the dramatic genre.

Week 2: July 25- 29

Cooking Camp (Grades K-4)

From the oven to your tummy, you'll be inspired to cook, create, and collaborate in the kitchen. With the essential cooking skills you develop, you'll be marinating your way through our sensational suppers and meaty menu masterpieces! Each day, your camper will be introduced to a different cooking style. Fresh or seasoned campers will learn how to make new delicious munchies each day and plate them to prepare for their friends and family! Our menu will cater to camper's food restrictions.

Icky and Sticky Science Camp (Grades 5-8)

Icky and Sticky Science Camp will cover all things gooey and slimy! This week, young scientists will learn, explore, and discover through hands-on experiments. From creating chemical reactions to learning about the physics behind oobleck, they will enjoy informative and messy science. These different experiments will guide your young scientists to spark a curiosity in science and will excite them each day.

Week 3: August 1- August 5

Craft and Create (Grades K-4)

This is a camp for the creative and the craft lover. Ample opportunities for campers to nurture their creative minds with these exciting ideas while having fun in the process, from recycled projects to nature crafts and beyond. Come and express yourself with different mediums and discover new crafting techniques. At the end of the week, we will have an art gallery for the campers for them to showcase their work. We hope to see you there!

Culinary Academy (Grades 5-8)

Budding foodies will enjoy five days of hands-on experience! They will be cooking up different types of foods each day, and will hone their knife skills and kitchen chops. A week of experimenting with preparing different dishes to the final day when they create a menu for the opening of their “own restaurants”, this camp is filled with yummy treats. Come with an appetite, you will surely enjoy each bite. Our menu will cater to camper's food restrictions.

The cost of each weekly session is $650 for 1 week, $1250 for 2 weeks, and $1800 for 3 weeks.

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