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Find a Calling.
Change the world.

A transformative education


Acton Academy East Bay joins a growing network of Acton Academy Schools worldwide. We join teams in Wisconsin, Chicago, Toronto, Houston and London who won the right to open a new wave of Acton Academies to build on the success of the original Acton Academy in Austin, Texas. Watch a video about how Acton is transforming education.

At Acton, we believe every child who walks into our school is a genius with the potential to change the world. We believe students should be in control of their learning and advancement, in a community that closely resembles the real world. We believe students can, and should, teach one another and work collaboratively to grow.

A school for the 21st century 

Let's teach for mastery

A TED talk by Sal Khan, founder of Khan Academy, and Acton Academy Visitor 

The Learner Driven Revolution 

A talk at SXSW by Acton Academy founder Jeff Sandefer.

A Tour of Acton Academy

An inside look at the Acton Academy studio.

Do Schools Kill Creativity?

Sir Ken Robinson makes the case for creating an education system that nurtures creativity.

Imagine if we Invented School Today

What would we do differently?

Begin Your Family's Journey Today

Learn more about our philosophy, model, beliefs, location, tuition, financial assistance and how to apply with our free info kit.
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