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Meet our team

It all begins here.

We are currently accepting applications. We have limited openings for this school year, so we encourage families to apply soon!

This process is designed to make sure that we are the right learning environment to serve the life-long learning needs for your child and your family. We recognize that we ask you to dedicate time and thought to the process.

Families who are thriving in our community often share that they truly enjoyed the process, and we hope you do too. We look forward to hearing from you and starting your child's Hero's journey!

1. Get our Free Info Kit

Learn more about our philosophy, model, beliefs, location, tuition, financial assistance and how to apply with our free info kit. If you would like to learn more about our approach to learning, feel free to research using our resources.

2. Schedule A Tour

We are offering in-person tours and invite you to learn more about us. Come visit us to see what our campus has to offer. We encourage you to ask lots of questions during your visit.

3. Shadow Day

After touring our campus, your child is welcomed to visit our school for a day. The Shadow day is an excellent way for us to get to know your child and allow them to experience learning at Acton Academy East Bay.

4. Apply to Acton

Our Head of School will invite you to complete an application form, review tuition info, submit recent transcripts, gather teacher feedback, and provide any other documentation to help us better know your child.

5. Admissions Decision

We will provide you the decision on admission within 48 hours after your application has been reviewed. Once your admissions decision has been made, you will be able to sign your Enrollment Contract and pay the Tuition Fee to reserve your spot.

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