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Summer @ Acton 2024

Acton Academy East Bay is thrilled to offer 3 weeks of camps for Summer 2024.  

Join our exciting and enriching summer program designed to ignite your child's curiosity, foster creativity, and empower your child with essential skills for success. From hands-on workshops to immersive experiences, our program offers a dynamic blend of academic exploration, personal development, and fun-filled activities. 

Throughout the day your learner will explore several different types of challenges specific to the theme for that week’s camp. Your child will gain experience learning, engaging, and diving deep into different STEAM topics. We usually try to cap off the week with a fun day at The Wave!

Week One: July 15 - July 19 
Icky Sticky Science Camp (K-6)

Icky and Sticky Science Camp will cover all things gooey and slimy! This week, young scientists will learn, explore, and discover through hands-on experiments. From creating chemical reactions to learning about the physics behind oobleck, they will enjoy informative and messy science. These different experiments will guide your young scientists to spark a curiosity in science and will excite them each day to come back.

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Week 2: July 22 - 26 
Culinary Camp (K-6)

Budding foodies will enjoy five days of hands-on experience! They will be cooking up different types of foods each day, and will hone their knife skills and kitchen chops. A week of experimenting with preparing different dishes to the final day when they create a menu for the opening of their “own restaurants”, this camp is filled with yummy treats. Come with an appetite, you will surely enjoy each bite. Our menus will abide by our camper’s dietary restrictions.

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Week 3: July 29 - August 2 
Craft & Create Art (K-6)

This is a camp for the creative and the craft lover. Ample opportunities for campers to nurture their creative minds with these exciting ideas while having fun in the process, from recycled projects to nature crafts, crocheting, and beyond. Come and express yourself with different mediums and discover new crafting techniques. By the end of the week, each Eagle will have gained new skills and bring home a portfolio of their completed crafts. 

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The cost of each weekly session is $650 for 1 week, $1250 for 2 weeks, and $1800 for 3 weeks.
If you have any questions, please email
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